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I just tried to instal ubuntu 13.10 on my old laptop. I started the installation using a DVD. I do not know why, but the installation bugged during the login (just after asking for email adress, name). The "Register Later", "Back", and "Continue" buttons were not responding anymore. So I restarted my laptop. Now I only have a black screen and a blinking cursor showing up after the ASUS screen. Neither F12 nor inserting the DVD in the reader get ubuntu to reboot. I had chosen the installation erasing my old windows OS too, so I guess it erased windows.. Any help would be really welcome to get out of this dead end. Thanks

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Go into your BIOS/EUFI and make sure that your DVD drive is the first boot device, it sounds like your pc is going straight for your hard drive with the faulty ubuntu installation. Once you got the live dvd running reinstall Ubuntu.

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Thank you very much!!! I was already thinking I had fully crash the computer. – Simon Nov 5 '13 at 8:14

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