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I am trying to find a live streaming tool for Ubuntu 13.04. I am trying to stream it to twitch. I've tryed lots of live streaming tools but they don't work.

So my question is, Is there a live streaming tool for Ubuntu 13.04 with no lag and streams at 720p+?

Twitch: - This is the website I am trying to stream to.

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See this answer on the same topic to start you off.

There are a few third party UI based tools that I tried, but most are bloated or don't work properly. Your best bet is likely to use ffmpeg or avconv and customize the parameters to fit your requirement. Look into these two options to tweak the quality (keep in mind your quality will depend on the quality of your source):

  • -crf (18-28 is visually "lossless")
  • -qscale:v (0-10, 10 being best. Relevant doc)

See the ffmpeg man page for more details.

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Thanks for the help! – Steam gamer Nov 18 '13 at 21:36

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