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So right now I only have 1 SSD in my computer. It is 120 GB Samsung SSD. I boot windows directly from this SSD. I would like to buy another totally separate SSD and install and boot Ubuntu from this one. So 1 PC, 2 drives, and boot windows 7 from 1, and boot Ubuntu from other SSD. Is this possible? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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See my answer to the old question about using 2 HDDs. Using SSD shouldn't be any different. – user68186 Nov 4 '13 at 15:18

Yup. This is exactly what I do on my laptop with two SSDs. One has Ubuntu, the other has Windows 7. I removed the Windows disk when I installed Ubuntu so I could guarantee nothing got written to it during the install.

During bootup I now just pick which drive I want to boot from.

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