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How can I disable screen-saver Ubuntu Touch Saucy on my phone or tablet (Nexus 7) ?

I do play a internet radio streaming with the mplayer (from terminal application). Unfortunately the tablet stop play (and the screen gets black) after a while (30-60 seconds). Playback does continue when leave my bath, press the power button (wake up the system) and switch back the terminal application to foreground.

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From this post: How can I force the phone screen to stay on

phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ sudo stop powerd

That works for me. But if powerd is stopped, the device won't suspend using the power button.

Or you can do this: # Run this in another terminal window and leave it running to # make sure display stays on for the tests: adb shell powerd-cli display on bright


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Note: I only tried this in 14.10, but it might also work in previous versions.

I had a closer look on powerd-cli and it seems that it has an option to disable powersaving:

sudo powerd-cli active & (Run this command in the Terminal-app on the phone.)

This will prohibit that apps are stopped, but the screen can be turned off as usual. (The & is needed so that powerd-cli runs in the background - otherwise powerd-cli runs in the terminal and you couldn't enter any other commands.)

To re-enable powersaving enter the command fg and press Ctrl+C.

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