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In the past, I just plug in hdmi, then boot laptop, and I have display on tv. Today my tv reads as "No Signal". When I go into "sound" on dashboard, there is No HDMI option. I don't understand what could have changed in the past few days. I also have Windows 7 on this machine, and I have same issue on there as well. In Ubuntu I scanned for drivers, and it asked if I wanted to activate HDA driver for DKMS. I'm not sure what that is. I googled and it looks like an audio driver. In Windows, Its says driver is up to date.

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If you have the same issue in Ubuntu as well as Windows than it is highly unplausible that it is a software issue.

Check your BIOS settings and if they are OK you might have a hardware failure.

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Well I fixed it, and why this worked, I have no idea. I went into Windows, device manager, device adapters, and disabled then re enabled my intel graphics. I then booted into ubuntu, and hdmi worked perfectly again.

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