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command is bin/

hadoop@user-HP-dx2480-MT-NA125PA:/usr/local/hadoop/hadoop$ bin/

error are

mv: cannot move `/usr/local/hadoop/hadoop/bin/../logs/hadoop-hadoop-namenode-user-HP-dx2480-MT-NA125PA.out.4' to `/usr/local/hadoop/hadoop/bin/../logs/hadoop-hadoop-namenode-user-HP-dx2480-MT-NA125PA.out.5': Permission denied
mv: try to overwrite `/usr/local/hadoop/hadoop/bin/../logs/hadoop-hadoop-namenode-user-HP-dx2480-MT-NA125PA.out.4', overriding mode 0644 (rw-r--r--)? 
mv: try to overwrite `/usr/local/hadoop/hadoop/bin/../logs/hadoop-hadoop-namenode-user-HP-dx2480-MT-NA125PA.out.3', overriding mode 0644 (rw-r--r--)? 
mv: try to overwrite `/usr/local/hadoop/hadoop/bin/../logs/hadoop-hadoop-namenode-user-HP-dx2480-MT-NA125PA.out.2', overriding mode 0644 (rw-r--r--)? 

any solution to this??

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I have 2 suggestions: Check the permissions on the directory/files and see what they are set to. Also, Edit the proper XML file (not at work, don't have system to see which one) and remove the .. from the log path (What is the log path set to?). Once I get to work I'll dig out my docs and get into my hadoop install and see if I can give some better suggestions. – Nija Apr 26 '11 at 14:00
@ Nija :ok fine – priyaudupi Apr 27 '11 at 2:44

It seems like a permission issue. Try executing start-all with sudo command.

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  1. Creating user

      sudo addgroup hadoop    
      sudo adduser --ingroup hadoop hduser
  2. Add below line to add hduser into sudoers, vi /etc/sudoers

     hduser (ALL)=(ALL) ALL 
  3. Change hadoop owner

     chown  -R hduser:hadoop hadoop

where hduser → username, hadoop → group name

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