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I've installed fglrx and laptop-mode on my 13.10. My graphic card is a hybrid and the power-saving graphic card is activated but the fan never stops on AC power.

Actually when I remove the AC power it stops but it isn't like what is was when I had Jupiter on my old 13.04. Now I just care about the fan and I don't wan't the whole system to go on power-saving mode (I need the system permanence) but I get tired of the fan sound :(

How can I decrease the fan working time without putting the system in power-saving mode and removing the AC power?

NOTE: I don't care about the graphics I just need the CPU, RAM and HDD to work with a good performance.

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I think this must be some sort of bug. I am experiencing the same. Under 13.04 my fan only started when I was really doing heavy stuff. Now it starts without even having anything open! –  don.joey Nov 4 '13 at 9:19

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