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I decided to give Ubuntu Studio a try and I followed these instructions to install the packages from Ubuntu:

After a few days I have decided I like Ubuntu Studio better and I would like to remove the unnecessary Ubuntu staff. Unfortunately there is not so many (recent) info out there about Ubuntu Studio.

I have done

apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop

Thanks to this post, I have removed unity related packages I have found this blog post which state that Ubuntu Studio uses GNOME so anything gnome related should stay? It seems to me nautilus should stay? Is it safe to remove compiz? Zeitgeist? anything else?


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You can do a light cleanup if you use autoremove:

sudo apt-get autoremove

Of course, that wouldn't take it out all, so you may need bring big guns, so use deborphan:

sudo apt-get install deborphan
sudo deborphan

Aside from that, I don't know exactly what packages overlaps and which not, but this is the safest method to remove unused packages.

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