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Orginally my problem was that desktop jammed at "Stopping save kernel messages"

Then I run live cd and --bind dev, etc, etc... and uninstalled nvidia* and reinstalled xorg-driver.

Now my ubuntu loader jams on smaller window screen where red dot's change to white dots and so on. No loading anymore.

Log files of init.d said something that it failed kde desktop drivers loading.

I have installed Konversation to ubuntu and Amarok which inculded quite a lots KDE drivers to the system.

Also I edited some font settings adding Arimo font as default font for Sans.

What the hell is going on and why ubuntu desktop can't revive anymore?

I have tried to boot with live cd and and boot with recover mode and it said found 2 issues and hanged again in the desktop loading face.

I don't want to go to handle 5 ntsc mount commands hassle and 5 email account hassel for thunderbird again and so on so I would like to recover ubuntu desktop without losing my installed programs.

Is there any method to recover this?

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For the last part of your question: You can backup the contents of your home directory (the whole directory) and restore it after installation, that would save you from configuring all user programs again. The other part of your question is completely unclear. It reads like you changed "tha whole thang", found some error messages, but won't give us the exact error messages because we know this stuff. We don't. –  LiveWireBT Nov 4 '13 at 8:21

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