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I got it to install nicely and it's all working, but I don't know which graphics card is being used nor how to switch between. I tried installing the official Nvidia drivers, but then I could not boot up my computer afterwards so I have not installed them again after doing a reinstall of Ubuntu.

PS, if you have a grub install failure during install, the key is to tell it where to install the bootloader at the very beginning of the installation, on your partition selection screen (choose dev/mapper, not the /dev/sda it defaults to).

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Might want to check this question out: Problems with graphics of Sony Vaio Z

The quick answer is that you can get both graphics cards to work, but you will have to reboot to switch between them. Also, from the little googling I did, it looks like a royal pain to set up right now. (see link) Probably in a year the process will be nice and smooth, but right now its pretty messy.

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You can also try to use bumblebee. Have a look at this websites:

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