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I use meld normally in a git web project (system: Ubuntu-gnome 13.10).

I want it to skip scanning certain files and folders, such as the .meteor directory (which takes a while to scan).

Ubuntu-Gnome installs meld 1.8.1. It has under Edit -> Preferences -> File Filters an option to add a new file filter. More details: http://meldmerge.org/help/file-filters.html#file-name-filter

I added new rules for the file and folder I want to skip (and checked the 'activate' option), but it does not seem to work, even after restarting meld.

The new rules just don't seem to work - I see meld is scanning the .meteor folder and also, it shows the allegedly ignored file (index.html) as changed. I don't see an open meld bug for "file filters not working". I am inclined to think it does work, only I'm doing something wrong. Any ideas how to tackle this would be most welcome!

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