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I do not know if this is the right place to ask this question ... I hope someone here can help.

I'm trying to retrieve data from a WD MBWE II (White Strip Light) 2TB (WD20000H2NC-00) NAS device. Device has 2 x 1TB Hard Drives.

Was working fine until a few days ago. I guess there was a power failure and after that I am unable to access the 'Public' or the 'Download' folder anymore.

I have been searching for answers everywhere but came up empty handed.

Web GUI still works, SSH works. I do not remember what RAID setting I used when I first got the drive. I can see from GUI that it is set as "Stripe".

I hooked up both the drives on my PC and UFS Explorer sees the drives. But so far I am unable to retrieve any of my data.

Using Ubuntu Live CD:

Started up Disk Utility and I see the following drives under "Multi-Disk Devices"

RAID-0 Array [Level :Stripe (RAID-0) State: Not Running, not enough components to start] 2.0 GB RAID-1 Array [Level: Mirror (RAID-1) State: Running. Action: Idle] 1.0 GB RAID-1 Array [Level: Mirror (RAID-1) State: Running. Action: Idle]

Under RAID-0 Array, when I click the "Start RAID Array" button I get the following error: "Not enough components to start the RAID array".

If needed, I can attach some logs I was able to retrieve using Putty.

Can someone here please help.

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