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What is the directory that .desktop files are copied to when a .desktop file is dragged to the Gnome Clasic quicklaunch bar? I would like to be able to modify them

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I have found the answers!

The configuration is at: org.gnome.gnome-panel.layout.

The objects are at: org.gnome.gnome-panel.layout.objects.

When dragged to the gnome-panel, the original dragged desktop is specified in the configuration.

Execute: killall gnome-panel to propagate changes to said .desktop files.

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A normal user cannot modify the system-wide .desktop files at /usr/share/applications/ because they are read only, so a copy is made whenever you modify any shortcut, whether it is on the menu or on the panel.

All the user's modified .desktop files are stored in ~/.local/share/applications/. If you make new shortcuts they are also stored here.

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