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I'm looking for the instructions on how to install FMOD.

I want to do extra credit for my computer graphics assignment - sound effects. A teammate wants me to go with something simple, and he suggested that I use FMOD Ex. (If you guys can think of something better, do suggest it, but so far FMOD looks more promising compared to SDL, OpenAL, etc.)

Right now I'm having a really hard time finding the instructions for installing the latest version of FMOD (audio content creation tool) on Linux Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (32-bit) so that I can use it in g++ with OpenGL. I checked out this YouTube video:, but it's for Windows. Then, there is a Ubuntu Forums thread which redirected me to this page:, and it has some dated instructions. I've downloaded FMOD Ex v. 4.44.24, which I believe is the latest version. Now I'm looking at eight files:;;;;;;;

... not knowing what to do. I've looked everywhere I could think of: StackOverflow, here, YouTube, Google, ... and came up with zilch.

Please help. Thanks in advance.

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It looks like you already unpacked the .tar.gz file, so look in the Documentation directory.

The document Getting started with FMOD for Linux.pdf says:


Link the following library into your project:

  • Use api/lib/ to use the FMOD Ex API.
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Would you recommend using export in .bashrc or just copy that file to /usr/local/lib ? – Andrei Nov 2 '13 at 3:10
There's no one way to do this. /usr/local/lib/fmodex/api... is good or /usr/local/share/fmodex/api.... You may still need to use .bashrc to export it to PATH – chaskes Nov 2 '13 at 3:18
Little research has shown that using LD_LIBRARY is not recommended, but do you think that export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/local/lib should be enough? – Andrei Nov 2 '13 at 4:14
Yes, that works fine but then you can also just put the api... in your home. I've read to that sometimes it's simpler to just put -I and -L options hard-coded into a project makefile template. But this is all personal preference stuff. here's a good explanation of ld_library_path...btw, we shouldn't get into chat or new questions in comments. also, if this solved your install prob, please mark as accepted ;) – chaskes Nov 2 '13 at 4:31
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A thank you to Nikos C. on StackOverflow and to chaskes on Ubuntu Forums.

This have helped:

I guess that all I really had to do was to type in the following in the terminal:

cd /usr/local/include/
sudo mkdir fmodex
sudo cp ~/fmodapi44424linux/api/lib/* /usr/local/lib/
sudo cp ~/fmodapi44424linux/api/inc/* /usr/local/include/fmodex
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