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I used to have a netbook which has since been upgraded.

I was good at backups and have various types (Duplicity/.home dir/single config files saved as exports)

I have setup and been using Ubuntu on a new machine for a while and realised I don't have some of the old info in all of my apps (specifically Filezilla/Firefox/Nautilus/Tomboy etc)

Is there any way to import the config/settings files from my backups to the new machine so I have both the old stuff and the new stuff all on the new machine?

Is it possible to consolidate my data in this way?

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Umm...that seemed hard unless these applications offer some ways to merge old settings files with the new one. I did not look into these applications, but I guess for Filezilla, simply set up the newly installed to what you want should not be difficult, unless you got so many sites in you bookmark :P

As for Firefox, I guess if you have many custom settings, it may take a while for you to set them up You can look for the documentations of these applications to find out if they offer any merging options.

Hope this helps, if you've found any way to do this quickly, let me know. It may be useful to me in the future :P

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