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I am using ubuntu 13.10 with Epson wireless scanner/printer/fax WF 2540(It has an automatic document feeder- ADF).

What I am trying to achieve is to be able to print with confidence over already populated A4 pages(hand drawn or otherwise).

The idea is to get a batch of A4 pages grouped in a particular order and have them batch printed on specific parts of each page ,viewed on screen and edit/processed page by page.

My idea was to batch scan the documents in order and display each scanned page to use that to judge/fit on-screen the coordinates for the output of each pages image...

The easiest way to explain this is to look at these slide :


I would like to have this automated as much as possible using this printer but I am open to other suggestions. Are there any other better printers that can automatically scan and print at the document that is being scanned...with an accurate positioning in relation to elements already printed on the page??

Are there any other forums I should be asking and looking for answer/suggestions on my case/dilema??

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