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After loading Ubuntu 12.04.3 onto a 8gb memory stick I loaded into my older second PC. I followed the instructions as per site.

After around 40 minutes, it seemed to fully load. I choose reboot, which took a while, then on screen showed Ubuntu preparing to run Ubuntu for the first time.

A screen full of computer jargon came on starting with 72. 771493 ...ck958 [0] card 67 etc. At this moment in time my PC is black with an occasional dim flicker

Please advise if possible.

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I hope I follow your question, since your english is a bit hard to understaind ;). you mention you are following instructions, can you link to these instructions? also if you can give more information about your system and what you mean with 'loading ubunru onto a memory stick', do you mean making a live-usb? –  Wouter Nov 1 '13 at 20:33

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