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I have a new pc with a 128GB SSD, it has Windows 8 installed with UEFI. It is a quadcore x4 amd chip. I am attempting to install Kubuntu 13.10 64 on the machine via a USB powered DVD reader.

I followed various instructions I found on the site. I can turn off via the boot menu (F2) the secure boot, I have also the options to choose UEFI OS or CSM OS or CSM & UEFI OS, I choose boot from DVD, but no matter what combination of options I choose, the DVD boots up, the Kubuntu image comes and glows and then a list of things zip past too fast to see.....and nothing else happens, the DVD is not accessed, nothing.

As I do not want Win 8 at all, could I use GParted and wipe out the disk and then install to a blank drive with the DVD or does UEFI do something else and things are locked down?

Thanks for any help.


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Why not boot from a usb drive? – NoBugs Nov 23 '13 at 17:27
Did you go into Windows and in the power settings, turn off "fast boot"? That is a vital first step. – ubfan1 Nov 23 '13 at 17:39

Did you turn off Intel smart response technolgy in BIOS? Secure boot need not be turned off, see here:

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