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I have a whole folder of photos I want to look at as thumbnails, and I'd like to do it by calling one of GNOME's native thumbnailers individually, namely totem-video-thumbnailer or evince-thumbnailer, and piping them through a backend (I hear gstreamer is possible, but anything that allows me to manually call forth a whole foldersworth of thumbnails from the command line will do).

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I have this

# jpg-Dateien in Vorschau umwandeln.
montage -size 256x256 './*jpg' \
    -thumbnail 128x128 \
    -set caption '%t' \
    -bordercolor AliceBlue \
    -background grey20 \
    -polaroid 0 \
    -set label '' \
    -background white \
    -geometry +1+1 \
    -tile 4x  $1.html && firefox ./$1.html

Maybe you can adopt some ideas. The basic command montage is in the ImageMagick package, which is easily installed:

 apt-get install ImageMagick
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