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On my main computer, I have one interface eth0 which uses DHCP to obtain an ip address, dns addresses and it's gateway ip address. It has successful connectivity to the internet.

I have another interface eth1 which uses a static ip address which provides NFS services to another computer, let's call this other computer nfs-client. I want nfs-client to be able to have internet connectivity also! However i do not want to join it to the same network as eth0.

Here is a simple diagram:

         +-----------+             +-----------+             +-----------+ 
         |           |             |Ubuntu     |             |           | 
         |ADSL Router|-------------|Computer   |-------------|NFS Client | 
         |           |             |(2 NICS)   |             |           | 
         |           |             |           |             |           | 
         +-----------+             +-----------+             +-----------+


I simply want to keep my network topology and give nfs-client internet connectivity via the main computer. How do i go about doing this?

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