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I am looking into buying a LENOVO RD330 SERVER with a ThinkServer RAID 500 Adapter II RAID controller. I am having problems finding out if all of the hardware that I am wanting will be compatible with Ubuntu. I have check the "Certified Hardware" list but the list is very limited. Both the computer and the RAID controller say they support RedHat and Suse but obviously Ubuntu isn't mentioned. I have talked with my vendor and they also not certain if this hardware will work. I have also Google around and the RAID controller appears to be an LSI chipset. But again I haven't been able to find any definitive information saying that this will work.

Any suggestions on how I can find out if the hardware will work?

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Yep, not yet certified as per servers list at so I would instead suggest a visit to where you can perhaps get an answer direct from Lenovo or lists a number to call.

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