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I just went through heaven and hell with windows 8.1 and ubuntu 12.04. Got live usb, disabled uefi, installed ubuntu, ran boot-repair.

Now 2 weird things happened that I cannot really explain actually I'm not sure if my systems are working fine. The last thing boot-repair told me was to make sure bios booted on

sda2/efi/ubuntu/grubx64.efi !!

So I opened my bios checked out boot options (they were empty) switched my boot to "CMS and UEFI" and the next time I wasn't quick enough with clicking f2 and I guess grub booted. Surprised by the events I decided to boot ubuntu and while booting I got several strange messages "broken pipe could not write smth.." after that ubuntu booted fine with broken wireless which I managed to fix through network managment. Now I'm not sure what am I supposed to do next is something unfinished or is everything working fine?

Note: I'm right now going to restart and try to boot windows8 (I have it listed in grub) and then update post on the events if something happens.

I was told to leave this link to help people help me "http://paste.ubuntu.com/6333013/" I've been at this for about 4 hours reading older Q/A and I'm sorry if I repeated some boring old question. :/

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It's a good question. I have had several less than perfect installs. Having had 'em, I felt less than happy when I booted up. I thought about and this option occurs to me, "You have to grow callouses to your feelings when you have a hobby like this, so unhappiness doesn't affect the decisions you make and ruin the experience."

Your question isn't boring, but you are tired. Give it a break.

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If it's working fine, then the error doesn't matter. If it isn't then you have to make decisions and tiredness will impede that process. Still, take a load off and some deep breaths. –  Diogenes Lantern Oct 31 '13 at 0:43

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