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I created a Nautilus Action script to change file encoding using recode application.
My action is:

[Desktop Entry]
ToolbarLabel[en_US]=Convert Encoding From Windows-12
ToolbarLabel[en]=Convert Encoding From Windows-12
ToolbarLabel[C]=Convert Encoding From Windows-12
Tooltip[en_US]=Converts file content encoding from Windows-1256 and saves as UTF-8
Tooltip[en]=Converts file content encoding from Windows-1256 and saves as UTF-8
Tooltip[C]=Converts file content encoding from Windows-1256 and saves as UTF-8
Name[en_US]=Convert Encoding From Windows-1256
Name[en]=Convert Encoding From Windows-1256
Name[C]=Convert Encoding From Windows-1256

[X-Action-Profile profile-zero]
Exec=recode windows-1256 "%F"
Name[en_US]=Default profile
Name[en]=Default profile
Name[C]=Default profile

The code worked properly for a while but now it fails!
When I set action's ExecutionMode to DisplayOutput it displays this:

Run command:
/bin/sh -c 'recode  windows-1256 "'\''/home/ariyan/'\''"'

Standard output:

Standard error:
recode: fopen ('/home/ariyan/'): No such file or directory

it can't find the file while it is there! (When I run the same command in a terminal window it works)
What is the problem ?
Why sh can't find the file?


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The problem was quotes in command!
using recode windows-1256 %F instead of recode windows-1256 "%F" solved the problem!

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