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I bought a set of Turtle Beach XP300's, which have a Wifi receiver for audio, and a Bluetooth receiver as well. The idea was to use the headphones' inbuilt system for audio, but have the input to be from the headset. Now I went through a lot of searches, and I was finally able to connect the headset to my computer, and I was able to get PulseAudio to recognize it (I still have to run pactl load-module module-bluetooth-discover).

The problem now is that the computer does not detect any input from it. I am using Blueman to connect, I set up the headset as HSP/HFP (A2DP is not detected for some reason, not sure why).

Information on my setup: Ubuntu 13.10 Toshiba Laptop Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter from Kinivo

Here's a screenshot as to what I mean, in case it's not clear: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1qjzrlf13r91as6/Screenshot%20from%202013-10-30%2018%3A38%3A48.png

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