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I have an Ubuntu machine setup that was being used as a music player and transfer station allowing CNC machines to connect to it and get the programs they need while letting the guys in the shop listen to music. This computer was complete with keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Recent changes at our shop required use of the monitor somewhere else without replacement.

I am running 12.04 desktop edition and currently use VNC to connect in and turn on the music or upload/download new programs.

One of these machines is running specialized control software based on windows 98 and due to the oddness of connecting to this machine to get or share programs the Ubuntu's network settings need to be changed to a new IP, subnet, Default Gateway, and DNS server. This has been no problem in the past when this computer had a monitor, but now that we have no monitor available I want to see if there is a way to allow different connections to 1 nic.

**Ideas: I am going to start on a bash script that will change the IP based on keyboad input, but this is a temporary solution in my mind. (I'll post my script as a solution but I would hope some other option might be better.)

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