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firstly I know, that this question is here many times. But I've already read and tried about 5 best rated answers. Result was that system crashed and I wasnt able to run it or do something so I just re-installed that. Or it just didn't help.

I'm newbie to Ubuntu and Linux at all. I've HP ProBook 4530s with Intel Core i5 2nd generation. 8GB RAM. Switchable graphics AMD Radeon 6490M and Intel 520 SSD on which I've installed Ubuntu.

It's really laggy and I already tried search for additional drivers as answered on some question here. But it didn't help.

In System monitor I can see that CPU is in normal line not so much used. But my battery which normally can keep notebook alive about 6 hours now show me just 1 hour. And also fan is running so I suppose that something must drain performance.

I don't need super extra performance but I'd like to have my 6 hours on battery and be able to use some apps for my work swiftly (NetBeans IDE, PHPStorm and similar).

Thanks for your answers

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use 12.04 LTS till 14.04 LTS arrive.I too use Netbeans, Geanny like IDE using 1 GB RAM usig lenovo G460 notebook. So, definitely you can get good results with your notebook with 8 GB RAM –  Yomal Samindu Oct 30 '13 at 13:20

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