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I have installed linux on my new computer and want to "promote" Windows to the old one (unfortunately I have to have Windows for remote access to work).

On my PC the DVD drive does not appear in the BIOS boot menu. Booting from CD/DVD is therefore handled by the OS bootloader as far as I understand.

If that is correct, then an unfortunate side effect of installing Ubuntu is removing the ability to boot from CD.

(The drive works, is first in the boot sequence and the CD is bootable on other machines. The motherboard is MSI 945P series MS-7176 if it helps.)

I see that kernels allowing boot from CD post BIOS exist (Smart Boot Manager - SMB). However, instructions for installing this pertains to earlier grub versions and grub does not automatically detect the SBM "kernel".

Does anybody know how to add the SBM kernel to grub 2 on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (or a newer/better option) ?

Thank you.

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