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Ubuntu 13.10, 64bit i am running my own .sh script to set up wacom tablet's keys (since config gui under All Settings -> Wacom Tablet for some reason doesn't allow to assign simple ctrl or shift or alt to a button).

Gfx software i am configuring this for has several shortcuts where you press a key on a keyboard and while you hold - it shows a popup on the screen. As soon as you release a key - it goes away. That works on a keyboard.

Now I am trying to get the same thing working if I press a key on tablet and simply hold it. However it works like pressing a key and immediately releasing it no matter how long i hold it.

Right now i am using this type of a command to assign a key: xsetwacom set 'Wacom Intuos4 6x9 pad' Button 3 'key i'

Wondering, whether there is a parameter which would keep the 'i' key in pressed state as long as wacom's button remains pressed?

Thank you, Maris

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