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I am using Samsung NP300E5Z-S01AE Notebook and it has a NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 520MX Graphics, Optimus™ technology graphics card in it.
Please anyone tell me what's the way to install the drivers for the device on Ubuntu 13.10 (32-bit).

I have already researched on the internet but the installation guides everywhere say the same thing which is quiet hard for me to understand.
It says, that I have first to stop the X server and etc etc..., but when I try that I end up installing Ubuntu 13.10 again, because it just don't give me anything at all after doing that.

I was thinking, if someone can give some easy to understand step by step guide how to install it.... it would be really helpful for me.

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Have you tried the default nvidia package?


Its not the newest drive found on the nvidia site;


but its easy to install with sudo apt-get install nvidia-319

Then select the drive in System Settings/Software & Updates/Additional Drivers tab

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