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I just bought a new Asus monitor that only supports VGA and HDMI input, and I have an HDTV with HDMI input. I also have a GeForce GTX 660 graphics card. Until now, I've had no trouble with sound, since my previous monitor did not have a sound option, but now even though I am using a DVI -> HDMI cable to connect the monitor, if I choose the first option (for HDMI device for the GK106 Audio Controller) in PAV control, I can have sound from the monitor's speakers, and if I choose the 3rd option the sound comes through the TV.

Is it possible to "clone" this entry so I can choose the monitor in the playback tab rather than choose either the TV or the monitor? I don't plan on running them simultaneously, but it would be nice to put audio on the monitor and xbmc on the tv so I don't have to switch the HDMI device each time.

Sorry for the long question, I hope it was clear enough. It's very similar to this question, but different enough I feel that it needs a new question: other question

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