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I know there is a lot of threads about setting classpath, but it's getting more confused after reading various ways.

I am using a java application called BabelNet which can disambiguate word senses. In installation, it requires me to add a config folder which contains a bunch of configuration files such as *.properties and *.class into the classpath. And here is my effort:


But when I run my java codes, it always pops up the error that could not find the configuration file to start. Could anyone give me some hints or any ideas about this problem?

In the "READ ME" file of BabelNet, it actually gives me a sample command of how to add a class file to classpath, but I totally lost. Here is the sample command:

java -classpath bin:lib/*:config it.uniroma1.lcl.babelnet.BabelNetDemo

So, could anyone explain it briefly? Particularly, the part starts from config.

Many many thanks to the help in advance!

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