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I just have Unity running today, I like the way it hides stuff to increase screen space. Also, I like the new Workspace switcher and Applications "app". But I now find it hard to switch apps. Alt tab seems slower than click if I have more than afew tabs running

Can I somehow lock the "dock", maybe at the bottom, and make it smaller, something like Windows 7 taskbar?

I hope this is not a duplicate, I tried searching, but may have searched for the wrong terms, since I am new to Ubuntu

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You [currently can't move the Launcher][1] but you can fix it in place and make it smaller.

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whats the super key? – Jiew Meng Apr 25 '11 at 13:23

With Compiz, you can configure many ways for quickly change programs. You can make shortcuts to change programs at the Workspace in focus or at All Workspaces. You can define how fast you want it to work.

Remember to go to Misc Options to set the speed you want:

enter image description here

What I like most is "Swing Switcher":

enter image description here

"Swift Switcher" is beautiful:

enter image description here

"Static Application Switcher" is simple but very useful:

enter image description here

And there is the "normal" application Switcher:

enter image description here

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You currently cannot move the Unity Dock Launcher (see here) but you can alter the hide behaviour and icons size with the Unity Plugin in the CompizConfig Settings Manager Install CompizConfig Settings Manager

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