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I'm new here, first time posting, only reading here for a couple days.

I recently installed ubuntu on my box so I could do work on something similar to a senior thesis from home. Upon first start up I realized that my ubuntu didn't like my video card, a Nvidia GTX 660. I changed my monitors so one would run though the motherboard, and saw that ubuntu was prompting me to install the very drivers I needed. Big mistake.

After installing them, I rebooted my system. all that would appear was a black screen with a single white cursor in the upper lefthand corner, similar to a terminal window. It was however not a terminal window, and would not respond to keyboard or mouse input.

After several bouts of frustrated key mashing, I accidentally hit ctrl+s, activating the accessibility option for blind people. Ubuntu started reading to me my key presses and the password entry points on the login splash page, saying in a computery voice "asteric, asteric, asteric, asteric, asteric" as I attempted to type in my password. After this marginal success, ubuntu would no longer speak to me, and I was lost in which keys I'd pressed.

After languishing at this stage, i attempted to reboot into repair mode. The text on the screen went whizzing past, finally stopping on "kernel corrupted". Further above it read something about attempting to load nvidia drivers, and corrupting at that stage.

I have tried re-installing ubuntu several times now (my count is to 5) and it has not resolved the problem. I've used several tools to restore the mbr to pre-grub status, and deleted and reformatted the partition that ubuntu was installed on. I've installed it on different drives, hoping to dodge the drivers, or corruption, but I don't know enough about where the kernel lives to attempt to remove it.

Where should I go from here? My windows side is unaffected by any of this, thankfully, but I still desperately need my machine to run ubuntu for the aforementioned thesis project. Has anyone fixed a problem like this before?

tldr; installed nvidia 319 driver, corrupted kernel, can't clean the system enough to re-install without a corrupted kernel.

edit: I would like to make clear, I didn't reformat the whole drive, only the portion where I installed ubuntu. Also, ubuntu is new for me; any step by step instructions for the help you offer would be useful.

edit2: ubuntu 12.04

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A corrupted kernel should not affect any other hard disks. The kernel 'lives' in /boot partition (should have the flag 'boot') of the hard disk, and should not affect any other drives, and should be gone if you have reformatted the drive. Try entering the BIOS settings, and try out some of the settings (particularly with Graphics - but don't do anything silly). This should (hopefully) not damage anything. To make sure you have permanently removed the boot partition (if necessary), or just to check the hard disk, try running GParted from a LiveCD. –  Wilf Oct 28 '13 at 23:07
I'll look and see if /boot exists still. would it be possible that the driver is still somewhere on the drive? and every time I re-install it just says "hey, i should use this driver", then kills itself? –  user208882 Oct 28 '13 at 23:17
This says that drivers are in /lib/modules/kernel-version/, but this may differ for Nvidia drivers - they are WEIRD. Also, a quick google found this –  Wilf Oct 28 '13 at 23:37
Forgot to say which version of ubuntu I am using, (12.04) I'll add that in another edit. –  user208882 Oct 29 '13 at 0:03
I MYSELF forgot to put in that you can find the 'kernel-version' in /lib/modules/kernel-version/ by running uname -r –  Wilf Oct 29 '13 at 0:08

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