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I figured out how to add

set -g prefix ^B

to .byobu/profile.tmux

I typed the same command at the tmux : line and indeed ^B is now my prefix character, but ^A is also still my prefix character. I'd like to unbind it. I've tried unbind ^A at the : prompt. I've tried unbind-key ^A and unbind C-a and unbind-key C-a and none of them work.

How can I unbind ^A without restarting my tmux session?

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Easy answer which took me 1 day to find: run byobu-ctrl-a

$ byobu-ctrl-a

It asks what ctrl-a should do and the change is immediate.

I found I could also pass argument to it, such as "emacs" meaning, don't let tmux use it.

$ byobu-ctrl-a emacs

It turns out all this script does is ask the currently running tmux to source its config again from beginning. I could have done this manually by ^B:source-file /usr/share/byobu/profiles/tmuxrx

That system byobu file sources my local user config for byobu-tmux, so my key change took effect.

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