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how do i check from within a php script, if a user is logged in? My current way is, to get the output of

w | grep <username>

and check, if there is output. It works, if a user is logged in via gdm, kdm or ssh or login on a tty. But what it doesn't get is, if an other user opened a terminal and run su <username>, this shell process is not reported, how do i get this?

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Well, if userA uses su to become userB, then userB is still not logged in.

However, how about this:

ps -u <username>

Then you can check $? -eq 0 to see if any processes were found belonging to that user. However, if there are any long-running processes owned by that user, then it will still show them. If that's no good, you could check for their shell.

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