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I am new to Ubuntu. Have installed 12.04 on a slave drive while I migrate.

Usually booting into Ubuntu goes without a hitch but recently I often find I am unable to use the keyboard, and log-in using the on-screen KB.

Sometimes if I remove the USB jack & re-connect it will start working again but not always.

I do have an old PS/2 KB which I am using at the moment but.......has anyone any ideas on how to get the USB KB reliably connected?

Thanks Dave

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Can you share a dmesg log? /var/log/dmesg. It would be most helpful to see a log from when the keyboard was not found at boot, but usable after disconnect & reconnect.

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keyboard still inactive so can't. I'll try plugging it into a USB2 port to see if more reliable. Thanks for the tip the dmesg log seems quite useful :-) Thanks – user208745 Oct 28 '13 at 15:56

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