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I have my bootable USB, my secure boot turned off, and have managed to boot into 'trying ubuntu' and begin the install process.

however when I reach the tab that asks how i would like to install for example erase everyting and install, something else, etc. It says that no other OS is detected on the computer.

My worry is that if i proceed with something else and install anyway GRUB wont allow me to boot into windows 8.1.

Anyone encountered this?


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Have you turned fast boot off? Is this an ultrabook with Intel SRT uses RAID and needs that off also and meta-data removed from drives. – oldfred Oct 28 '13 at 16:06

1.On the ubuntu installation something else option.
2.Allocate the space for your Ubuntu 13.10 partition.
3.Once booted up run the command sudo update-grub on terminal.

you don't worrry about that grub will allow you to boot into windows 8.1 os.If this method not worked then download and run boot-repair disk,select recommended repair option.This will reinstall or update your grub.

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