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Two hard drives failure in two months, finally I think I should have a file server with raid 5 to protect my data. this server is mainly keeping all my pics, personal video, backup documents and movies, also its download machine and SSH server. so here is what I planning to do.

fist of all, here is my hardware list, most of parts are from my old computer:

  • CPU: AMD 4850e
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H with 5 x SATA II 3GB/s connectors
  • Memory: 4 GB DDR2 (I need suggestion here, how many ram I need for this kind of server, I mean without swap only ram, I have 10GB ddr2 ram, I can put more if it needs it)
  • HDD: planning to buy 3 x 3TB WD red hdd(use them to build raid 5), also I have 2 x 2TB WD green hdd
  • SATA II pci card: 4 x SATA II connectors

I will install ubuntu on raid 5 drive, but I have not much knowledge of raid.so here is my quesitons.

  1. when hdd failure, ubuntu still functional? can I login and access my data?
  2. will ubuntu show me which hdd failure?
  3. if I replace the failure hdd, is the recovery process automatic?

Since I have other two 2TB old hdd, I am thinking how to use them after all. is it possible ubuntu to create 2 raid system? raid 5 use new 3TB hdd, and raid 1 use my two old 2TB hdd. can Ubuntu handle it? if not, since my motherboard support raid 1, maybe I can do this by my motherboard?

also in the future, if I need more space, can I buy more 3TB hdd to put on? How ubuntu handle that?

thank you so much for your opinions.


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