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I need help installing VMWare player on my Ubuntu 12.10 because I am having problem in installing virtualbox

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Download the player from the VMware website:

The download will come through as a '.txt. file. Once you have the file, open the command prompt and go to the location that you downloaded the file to:

For example if you put it in your 'Downloads' directory you could issue:

cd ~/Downloads/

Then you will want to execute the script to do the install. You can do that with by issuing the following commands:

chmod +x <name_of_file>

Where the <name_of_file> is the name of the VMware player txt file you downloaded. This should start the installation wizard to install the program.

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virtualbox is easily installable using APT. Just with typing:

sudo apt-get install virtualbox

in a terminal you can install virtualbox. If you are doing so, and still have problems ask another question and include the problem you are facing.

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