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I have 13.04 multi-booting with win7 on my laptop. I downloaded 13.10 and used unetbootin to make an install flash. When rebooting I booted to the flash perfectly (test but not install mode). I plug in my e-sata external-hd. From 13.10 test mode I start gparted. I verify unallocated space on my external. My external is /dev/sdc.
Now going to the desktop I select install. When selecting where to install, I use the bottom option - something else. From the partition tool, I select the freespace on sdc and create a logical partition with ext4 file structure and a / mountpoint. Than below that where it asks where I want to install the bootloader I change it from sda to sdc not to sdc6 which is the new partition I will be creating and installing Ubuntu to as soon as I press continue. It installs fine then tells me to reboot. I reboot and pull the install flash out. It boots to the laptop and not to the external. I've done this before by using an install flash and installing to another flash. Then it worked perfectly but for some reason this e-sata external-hd doesn't boot. Did I forget something?

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