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while instlling ubuntu 12.04/13.04 the installer doesnt detect my partitions and my windows 7 OS, so I cant install them side by side.

I create through windows tool the partition D but i cant see it.

in home screen of ubuntu (while i'm "trying ubuntu") I can see the partitions.

I tried to use WUBI as well, but I got an error message that "image file not found" or something like that.

Please help me with instructions what do I need to do. I'm new with ubuntu and all the partitions issue.


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Chances are you have one of two problems:

  • Leftover RAID data -- This can usually be fixed by typing sudo dmraid -E -r /dev/sda at a Linux shell prompt, changing /dev/sda to the device filename, if it's not /dev/sda.
  • A damaged partition table -- Many problems with MBR partition tables can be fixed with my FixParts program; see its documentation for details. You'll probably need to run the Windows version or run it from an emergency disc like Parted Magic, though.
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