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I'm running Ubuntu Gnome 13.10 on a Sony Vaio laptop. I tried to install the newest fglrx driver from the guide but no matter which version I use (13.4 or even 13.9) the installation of the generated .debs fails with this message:

Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 3.11.0-12-generic (x86_64)

This seems to be a confirmed bug on launchpad. Currently I'm running the Radeon SI driver but I really need some 3D acceleration. What is there I can do to install any version of fglrx correctly or to speed up the bug-fixing-process? How long does the fixing of these bugs usually take?

I just discovered this patch for the driver. But I have no idea how to apply it. The explanation of the developer is not clear to me. Anyone has any idea what I need to do to compile this patched version of the driver myself?

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Can't answer on how long it will take to be fixed, but I had the same issue with Kubuntu 13.10 and Catalyst 13.4. Went to 13.04 as a fallback and it was okay. – Ash Oct 26 '13 at 10:35
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Okay in the amd changelog on the official download page it says:

Resolved Issues:

  • [387659] Fixes X crash when kill X server with Xserver 1.13 and above

So I downloaded and installed the newest version (13.11 beta) and it worked. I still have some issues with applications and the x-server crashing, but the driver installed correctly and the debs-build was successful.

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