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I deployed the Havana version of Openstack Keystone, and an the also deployed the HA Cluster charm for it and added a relation. It failed to deploy (I assume because I failed to generate a key instead of using the default specified).

If I just remove the keystone-hacluster service, will it leave the Keystone service in a questionable state or will it clean up? (How does it do this if it is on the same machine?)

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It would be great to understand why your deployment of HA Cluster with Keystone failed; for most of the OpenStack API services (Cinder, Glance, Nova Cloud Controller and Keystone), a VIP (Virtual IP) is required to complete clustering - for example:

juju set keystone vip=

The relation between HA Cluster and Keystone will fail to establish with a hook error if this is not supplied. If you did not provide this prior to relating HA Cluster with Keystone, you can set it as described above and resolve/retry the relation that failed:

juju resolved --retry keystone/0

Hopefully this will resolve the error and result in a functioning, clustered Keystone.

As your cluster never formed, your should also be able to remove the relation between HA Cluster and Keystone; however your will have to manually resolve any failed relations before Juju will let you do this:

juju resolved keystone/0
juju remove-relation keystone hacluster

Note that if you had managed to form a cluster removing the relation will not de-cluster the service; it locks in the configuration.

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