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I am able to login into ubuntu 12.04 with the password i remember, but when i try to install a software my password is not accepted. in the user accounts it says None next to password. when i try to unlock in order to change my settings it would not let me. here is what i tried but didn't work:

  1. I changed my password through the grab menu. It seemed to accept the password, but the problem persists. furthermore, my login password didn't even change

  2. I tried to install different things, using sudo, according to posts i found on the internet but it would not let me install anything

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  1. Login as a normal user
  2. Enable root account $sudo passwd root

  3. switch to root account

    su -

  4. Install packages

    apt-get install ...

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The problem is that sudo does not recognize the root password – user207809 Oct 28 '13 at 5:36

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