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i have ubuntu 10.10 and i remove nspr4 package from synaptic (wrong!). After that gnome-panel is disabled and i lost internet connection. i install libnspr-dev and libnsrp. But there are no gnome-panel. Do i need install gnome-panel?

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You didn't say exactly which package you removed, but the only similar package installed on my machine is libnspr4-0d. It is a dependency of a bunch of stuff, so if you removed it, you'll have to reinstall a lot of things. gnome-panel is one such thing you'll have to reinstall.

I recommend, however, that you also reinstall ubuntu-desktop to hopefully get everything back. In the future, you shouldn't remove anything beginning with lib unless you know what you're doing or your package manager informs you that the lib is no longer needed.

By the way, you only need *-dev packages (such as libnspr4-dev) if you want to compile software from source that has a build-time dependency on that particular library.

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To identify what you've installed/deinstalled take a look in /var/log/apt/history.log.

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