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Ubuntu 13.04 is installed on a SSD. I also have a HDD in the computer.

I want the SSD to continue having relatively high speed for as long as possible.

My /home/ folders (including the Desktop) tend to having things written and deleted, which isn't ideal for SSD.

I want Ubuntu to be installed in the SSD, but I want my /home/ folders to be on the HDD (but only the folders whose names don't start with .).

I did have a try to do this from the terminal, but I couldn't work out if modifying fstab (by changing UUID) only allocated /home/ to the: (a) HDD; or (b) a folder on the HDD (which is what I wanted).

I therefore used ubuntu-tweak 0.8.6.

It has been partially successful:

  • Nautilus>Places>Desktop is OK.
  • Nautilus>Places>Home>Desktop is different, and it should be the same.
  • Nautilus>Places>Documents is OK.
  • Nautilus>Places>Home>Documents is different, and it should be the same.

I tried to attach screenshots that I have of these examples but I got an error message ("You need a reputation of at least 10 to post images").

Any ideas how to complete the process, such that:

  • Nautilus>Places>Home>Desktop is the same as Nautilus>Places>Desktop.
  • Nautilus>Places>Home>Documents is the same as Nautilus>Places>Documents.
  • ...and so on for all the /home/ folders


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PS I have found askubuntu.com/questions/110171/… and askubuntu.com/questions/5203/… so I'll have a go at that tomorrow. –  el_gallo_azul Nov 16 '13 at 1:37
I think I need to edit fstab etc, so instead of doing this I'll just keep my own backups of my /home folders on the HDD instead of using UbuntuOne. That was really the main advantage of changing my /home folders. –  el_gallo_azul Dec 14 '13 at 4:13
If I can get my internal HDD to mount at startup, there is a good chance that this will become feasible. –  el_gallo_azul Aug 16 at 23:03

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