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This is an extension of this question:

Failing to install Ubuntu 13.04

I have wiped the cobwebs out - i.e. I have realized that I wasn't following instructions properly. I will continue to try to do that. I have run boot-repair from Ubuntu running from CD. I can no longer boot to Windows 8 on my Sony VAIO SVF14A15CXB but I am fast losing my concern over this. I am more concerned that I can't install Ubuntu on the hard disk, so every time I boot up I have to install the wifi and resupply the 16 character wifi password, and I would have to reinstall things like GIMP and video codecs every time I boot up.

Currently, I have an understanding that I need to get back to BIOS, but I am having a difficult time accomplishing that. There is an "assist" key and I am randomly pressing that along with the function shifter key and F1 F2 F3 and ctrl. I DID manage to get to BIOS a couple times and my recollection was that it was the only way I managed to boot from CD. I thought I toggled "SecureBoot" in BIOS, but now I am not sure. I know I toggled SOMETHING, and I hope I didn't do the wrong thing by UNchecking it in boot-repair.

Thanks in advance for getting the time of day from any posters.

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I am looking at this web page now: with some interesting investigations: – Kayven Riese Oct 25 '13 at 21:21
well this is disturbing:… the hot key is F2, and I have been pressing it but it has not been working. I have been unable to enter the BIOS – Kayven Riese Oct 25 '13 at 23:40

To get back into the BIOS, 1) Shutdown your Sony - power off completely 2) Wait 5 seconds 3) Press the Assist button - must NOT press the power button at all. 4) Select "Start BIOS setup [F2] by either pressing the F2 key, clicking with the mouse or using the down arrow then enter button 5) change the bios as desired.

Good luck.

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