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I've followed each of the instructions on how to install Ubuntu alongside Windows 8(64-bit) with virtualbox but cannot finish the installation because virtualbox stops running always at the end of it.

Once the installation process has finish, a box is displayed saying that I have to restart so that the changes can be successfully completed. I click on the option "RESTART NOW" and then the virtual box stops running, the program shuts down and doesn't install correctly.

I have a samsung np510r5e. I've read that windows 8 doesn't allow other OS to be installed so easily, and you have to change the "UFEI settings" or something like that. However, I shouldn't have this problem when installing with virtualbox, should I?

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Each Virtualbox VM is a separate machine so you're not really installing alongside another OS. Are you sure it's not installing correctly? Make sure you've ejected your install medium before restarting so it will actually load the OS. –  konapun Oct 25 '13 at 18:37

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