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I have a HTPC (Quietpc Sidewinder Fanless media pc) running Ubuntu 12.04 and autostarting XBMC Frodo.

I'm remote controlling this machine using my laptop also running Ubuntu 12.04 and using Remmina VNC as a client. Everything works perfectly as long as XBMC is running on the server: I can see the server screen and control it via mouse and keyboard on the laptop (client). However, when XBMC is stopped on the HTPC (server), my TV shows the Ubuntu desktop normally, but the screen on the laptop (client) turns black. I'm however still controlling the HTPC with the laptop since I can see the arrow moving upon laptop mouse movement, and I can still type text in the HTPC. Oddly, when the screensaver on the HTPC kicks in, I again have a visual on the laptop.

Anyone any thoughts on this? What should I do to maintain visual after stopping XBMC?

Any suggestions much appreciated. Thanks!

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Nah, forget it... I forgot to mention that I was running XBMC on top of a 12.04 Unity Desktop. I've now reinstalled everything (mostly because of a different problem I couldn't solve either) and am now running XBMC as standalone. Can't remote control it anymore but when I logout and log back in a Unity desktop session. Also works this way... Guess I wasted my 50 reps... :-( –  Tinellus Oct 29 '13 at 19:54

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