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I have been using my local user account on Kubuntu 12.04 machine for a while (half a year). So I customized my desktop/shortcuts/aliases/GUIs... to well suit my needs.

Now I need to join my computer with ActiveDirectory in our company and migrate my old local user account to the new one. (Everything else in local network is Windows and my user name for the old local user account is the same as is in the AD.)

I successfully used LikewiseOpen to join the domain and every domain user is able to login to my machine and new user account/home directory is created for him/her.

But some "important details" does not fit my needs and our company policy in this process.

  1. I want to migrate my user account - I don not want another account / home folder. I just want one and only one account and home folder for every user of my machine.

  2. I want to be the only administrator of this machine, except guys from our IT department - of course they also need full access to my machine.

How do I achieve this?

Here is what I know and what I did:

When you join the domain using likewise, the default setting is that domain accounts/homes are created under /home/likewise-open/domain/user.

I do not want them to be there. Rather I want all: - domain accounts/homes to be in /home/domain/user - local accounts/homes to be in /home/user.

I know this can be changed by: lwconfig HomeDirTemplate "%H/%D/%U"

If I login to my machine using AD before changing HomeDirTemplate, home folder is created in /home/likewise-open/domain/user. Than if I login after the change, I got an other home folder under /home/domain/user.

What happens with all those files and settings in /home/likewise-open/....? Why I have two home folders in different places? I am still the same user so I would like to have only one home folder and it should be the one I was using before the change. Is this possible to set up?

The same applies to the home folder of my old local account. It was in /home/user and after joining the domain I want it to be in /home/domain/user.

I understand that these are actually two different users although they have the same user name (UIDs are different). I am still preserving the old user local account (which I want to remove) because I am aware of losing access to my machine. Of course I added my domain user to sudoers file...

What I did is I simply moved my home dir with all files and settings to new location under /home/domain/user. But there are some strange issues now and it is because local user used to use different password than domain user.

For ex. when I am using MUON sw center from domain user account it asks for password but it accepts password only for the old local user. But when I am using MUON sw package manager, it asks for password an it accepts the right password of current (domain) user. Installing from CLI usingn sudo apt-get install works perfect.

Also clicking on home folder button in Dolphin moves me to /home/user and not to /home/domain/user.

Thank you for any advices and ideas how to handle this situation!

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